In The Fabric Spotlight episodes, Rajan and Prabakar talk with cloud thinkers and builders about the enterprise, cloud, infrastructures, and entrepreneurial themes. Their guests have either been entrepreneurs or have worked closely with them.

In our two previous blogs, enterprise CXOs and infrastructure executives shared how they work with entrepreneurs.

Check out what cloud infrastructure investors from Mayfield Fund, Battery Ventures, Foundation Capital, Cervin Ventures, March Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures, and Ridge Ventures stress out about the entrepreneurial journey. The team, defining buying personas, solving big problems, and self-awareness, grit are the main elements to move a company forward.

Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital:
“The best founders are paranoid because there is a failure at every turn. Look for huge markets. Most technologies undervalue sales and the go-to-market function.”

Navin Chadda, Mayfield:
“Company building is a marathon and not a sprint. Be patient, have grit, and perseverance. Make sure you sell painkillers and not vitamins. It’s okay to fail for market reasons, but don’t fail because you could not execute.”

Arif Janmohamed, Lightspeed Venture Partners:
“As you are starting your companies, think long term. Pick big markets to go after, pick big problems to go after, and partner with exceptional people. Think big! If you think big, the sky is the limit.”

Sumant Mandal, March Capital:
“The most successful entrepreneurs I have seen so far are firm in their beliefs, yet open to feedback. You also have to be self-aware to understand what you are good at and what help you need around you. ”

Dharmesh Thakker, Battery Ventures:
“Entrepreneur has to unlearn and relearn new things every few years. Think about buying personas and packaging in a way that is time to value. If you focus on that, you can create great companies.”

Shirish Sathaye, Cervin Ventures:
“Build the team around you that compliments you, with A+ people. Do not increase your burn rate until your product-market fit.”

Schwark Satyavolu, Trinity Ventures:
“If you know who the right partner is for you, that is the best way to approach investor.”

Yousuf Khan, Ridge Ventures:
“Work with the firm that will be able to add value and provide you with the expertise you need to be a successful company. Think about partners early in your journey, take time to figure out your story, and make your ask.”

Our next blog will share what entrepreneurs from the cloud find essential for their startups’ growth.

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