News from Pensa: Pensa Launch Spotlights Need for Intelligent Data Center Automation

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We at The Fabric, a startup co-creation foundry, and accelerator with a focus on cloud/IoT infrastructure space are excited to announce Pensa‘s launch, one of our portfolio companies we co-created.
We collaborate actively with entrepreneurs to help create, fund and launch cloud/IoT infrastructure start-ups.

More about the official Pensa’s launch and Pensa Lab in Tom Joyce’s blog below. Pensa also featured in Silicon Angle, VMBlog, watch a 19-minute conversation between John Furrier and Tom Joyce at the CUBE studio.


October 4, by Tom Joyce, CEO, Pensa

After several years of hard work and intense product development, Pensa is proud to announce the company’s official launch today. We are up and running, and our entire team is seeing more people use our powerful new approach to data center automation.

When the IT industry started its shift towards a hybrid cloud-based DevOps world, Pensa’s Co-Founders Ujwal Setlur, Ganesh Rajan, and Ramprasad Gopalsamy recognized a fundamental problem – the increase in IT complexity resulted in a greater risk of failure for applications and networked systems across all kinds of organizations.

They started with a vision to develop an innovative solution that would treat infrastructure as code. In this way, IT people could work with new technologies, including software-defined networking, storage, and security, without a need for deep technical experience in those areas. The concept sounds simple, yet the technical requirements for success have been substantial.

Pensa’s approach enables IT departments to adopt DevOps practices and fully use these new technologies, but maintain resiliency by avoiding the risk of human error. Our technology gives users the ability to design and validate complete virtual datacenters to support applications in a cloud environment. Pensa has achieved this vision with the release of the Pensa Maestro platform.
Maestro is a cloud-based system that enables enterprises to rapidly create multi-vendor, multi-platform software-based IT environments to support any application in a secure manner. We built the system so that IT managers can spin up virtual data centers within minutes and with much lower cost and risk.

Maestro’s secret sauce is intelligent modeling that uses an operator-assisted approach to automatically perform many previously manual tasks to reduce the mistakes people often make in the design of these complex data center environments.

Pensa Lab, our initial release, is available now as an on-demand SaaS offering starting at $1,500/month that lets you create virtual IT test labs before deploying applications into production. Customers using Pensa Lab include IT people, DevOps application developers, system integrators, and solution providers.  Early next year, we plan to offer more solutions for public cloud and rack-scale projects. We have made Pensa Lab super simple to try, and to buy, so give it a look at
It’s all systems go here, and we couldn’t be happier: Welcome to Pensa – Think Faster!

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