During fall of 2012, when Rajan Raghavan and Prabakar Sundarrajan were winding down their stints at Juniper (via the acquisition of Ankeena), they wanted to continue their entrepreneurial journey. The emerging rapid adoption of cloud, mobility, and IoT provided an opportunity to be disruptive especially in the infrastructure space. But this time, they felt a need to “give back”, by being closely involved in helping other entrepreneurs with a hands-on approach, to get it right from the beginning. Sumant Mandal, presently a partner at March Capital, had a vision of how to setup startups for successes at the Series A stage and beyond. The trio joined forces to co-create companies in the cloud and IoT infrastructure space. Thus The Fabric was born.

What separates The Fabric from accelerators and VC firms is their 20-plus-years in infrastructures. They leverage that knowledge to identify “white space” of opportunity in the market. The Fabric team looks at the market from a 12,000-foot view and see the potential for a new way to connect and deliver to the cloud. This resulted in VeloCloud and its eventual acquisition by VMware.

Taking a deeply collaborative approach The Fabric has helped entrepreneurial teams to realize their ideas and take the companies to the next stage. The successes of VeloCloud, Perspica, and IoTium to name just a few attest to the success of our model. With a solid team of advisors, strategic partnerships, investors and an ever-expanding circle of entrepreneurs eager to engage with The Fabric, the road ahead is quite exciting.