Building The Next Pyramid In Modern Times

As the new year emerges, The Fabric is embarking on its 7th year of existence. I am truly excited by the prospects and scale of what is possible.

This December we have been traveling through Egypt as a family. What I have been impressed with is the vision that the ancient Pharaohs had in creating the astounding temples. The scale of these temples and pyramids created 2000 to 5000 years back is truly mind-boggling. The massive pyramids were created with no pack animals and very basic tools. The temples some of whose statues are close to 100 ft in height were built with the most primitive of tools and assembled with no cranes or other modern machinery. The Luxor temple with its massive statues, columns and Obelisks is an engineering marvel. What was needed was imagination, skill, innovation and motivation to be able to build such an astounding temple.

Building startups similarly requires large vision and requires considerably ingenuity to operate with limited resources. In addition, as with anything else, a depth of experience in the relevant domain, previous entrepreneurship and mentorship heightens the chance of success. Having spent around 30 years in successfully building startups Prabakar and I envisioned and designed The Fabric as such a platform for entrepreneurs. In addition to the considerable domain expertise in the infrastructure space we have put together a team to help in strategy, business and technology development. Our India innovation center which has helped our companies considerably is something that we are incredibly proud of.

The entrepreneurs who are with The Fabric have the vision, skill, and motivation. They work with extremely limited funding, a very tiny fraction vis-a-vis large companies, similar to the primitive toolsets of the ancient Egyptians. We at The Fabric are incredibly proud to be co-founders and help and work them on this entrepreneurial journey.

The cloud and IoT space offer unlimited possibilities in new companies and ideas with security being an important component. IoTium and Spanugo are some of our more mature companies in the industrial IoT and security domains. IoTium focuses on providing a software define secure converged infrastructure for Industrial and commercial IoT companies. With the proliferation of multiple security products and platforms, Spanugo has an intelligent automation engine, providing enterprises continuous security and compliance assurance.

Microservices, data mobility and edge compute are the next big wave that we are focused on. With the advent of 5G and the progress in compute it is now possible to envision the world of intelligent edge compute and converged platforms. A few of our new companies such as Kavach, OpsCruise, and Kmesh are focused on these areas. IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality companies need such a platform to realize their full potential. Besides that modern application building trends see monolithic stacks decomposed into distributed micro-services.

Within this inexorable march, Kavach provides a layer 7 security mesh for microservices and their associated APIs. OpsCruise’s cloud application management platform enables production Ops teams to proactively assure application performance through automated real-time root cause analysis and resolution for micro-services. sells software that transforms enterprise’s centralized data into distributed data, which operates over multiple clouds, countries, and edges as a single global namespace.

We at The Fabric look forward to working with the many innovative and ambitious entrepreneurial teams to come up with exciting companies and build them into the next temple of Luxor.