The Fabric Innovation Lab – Creative Studio for Entrepreneurs

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Since our inception, The Fabric, a startup foundry which deeply collaborates with entrepreneurs to co-create cloud infrastructure startups, established an Innovation Lab to turbocharge the technology development efforts of its co-created company. The Fabric Innovation Lab, based out of Chennai, India has worked with all of its portfolio companies from their inception.
Entrepreneurs and founders today have innumerable challenges while innovating. Ranging from investors asking for more quantified proof points to handling millennial engineers who have wide variety of options to work. Tie to this the ever-changing landscape of Software and Services; boom – you hit the a-ha moment that innovating is not the same anymore.

The Fabric Innovation Team knows the disruptive and evolutionary nature of products made by leading edge startups. The team has had deep experience in developing technologies with over 10 startups– we understand what it takes to do a product ground up! There is no time lost in trying to explain why you are doing what you are doing. The team is already plugged into the leading edge.

The Landscape

Innovation is not only about deep thinking or lateral thinking or ideas – it’s also about breadth of available technologies, the services that come out on short times and providing differentiation – speed, agility, continuous improvement. Successful development of product in any startup depends on clarity of what problem is being solved, the right infrastructure and a savvy team.

What’s special about The Fabric Innovation Lab?

Not just development, not just testing, not just continuous integration(CI) / continuous deployment(CD). It’s great innovation and engineering excellence. Predicting what all can change and being resilient with less impact on timelines.

How does this work?

The Fabric Innovation Lab works closely with the founding team to identify the technical problem to be solved after market research.

As the founding team continues to work in refining the product definition, engineering team in Innovation Lab works on classifying the effort to customer value correlation on various feature requests. Prioritization on a daily basis is the practice.

The Fabric Innovation Lab has dealt with all leading edge areas – Core Networking, Software Defined Networking, Application Engineering, Data Center design, Operational Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, IOT, Big Data Performance, Network Stacks, Storage Design, UX/UI, Cloud Compliance. And lot more in the pipeline – Containers, Block Chain, IOT Security…. This is as best as one gets anywhere in the world.

The Fabric Innovation Lab has embraced the Cloud and Cloud is the Infrastructure for the Lab. We also have a small Lab to deal with physical devices.

If you are an entrepreneur

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