Perspica’s Instant Diagnostics — Your Doctor For Data Center Problems

With complexities of data centers growing exponentially, data centers administrators are facing new challenges. Event logs, metrics and log data can bombard the system losing the focus from important alerts, making troubleshooting a nightmare. Further the inter-operability of compute, storage, app nodes in a data center forms a cross silo dependency, making it hard to finger pointing an issue. With all these issues MTTR for data centers is increasing. This is not good as it can have huge impact on the businesses that rely on a robust infrastructure.

Perspica Networks helps solves this chronic problem by providing IT operations analytics software that instantly diagnosis problems in the virtualized data centers. Perspica’s “Instant Replay” shows the exact performance anomalies and event logs at the moment of service impact to isolate the bug or the source of the problem. It can also show you the exact topology at the time of the event.

Check out — your doctor for data center operations.