Security and Compliance in the Cloud [The Fabric Panel recording]

I moderated a great at The Fabric Cloudblazer meetup on the topic of Hybrid/multi-cloud security and compliance, which was hosted at HPE Santa Clara. There was a remarkable panel and the discussion was very interesting and enlightening.

Our thanks and kudos to the awesome panelists who brought a tremendous background and expertise to set the stage for an excellent session:

  1. Vijay Sondhi, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation group at VISA. Prior leadership roles with – Fidelio (now Oracle), iXOS (now OpenText), and Xenon Pharmaceuticals
  2. Dave Larson, Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, and Chief Technology Officer, Networking Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE); joined HPE via 3COM where he led security products
  3. Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of a stealth mode cyber-security startup; previously the Co-founder & CEO of Bromium
  4. Janga Aliminati, Co-Founder and CTO of with experience as Chief Architect at VISA and Oracle for Cloud Deployment

The following topics were discussed:

  1. Private cloud security and compliance in financial industry led by Vijay Sondhi
  1. Cloud attack prevention, security scans, vpn’s etc led by Dave Larson
  1. Cloud access security brokers, cloud access controls, compliance reporting led by Gaurav Banga
  1. Harmonizing security and compliance across multiple clouds led by Janga Aliminati

You can view the whole panel discussion here:

Here are also some pictures from the event:

Security&Compliance in the Cloud, April 20, 2017

We had to cut the open discussion short and it was a great sight to see folks thronging the front to continue the spirited discussion with the panelists and among themselves!