In The Fabric Spotlight episode, Rajan Raghavan, CEO of The Fabric, talked with Amit Zavery, GM of Business Application Platforms for Google Cloud. They discussed the Google Cloud infrastructure strategy, how they evolved from the data platform to an application platform, and how Google Cloud is helping customers in the distributed workforce.

Amit also shared his view on how Google Cloud is carving out a strong position in the enterprise market, endless possibilities for edge computing and 5G applications, cloud security, and advice for entrepreneurs working in the current environment.

Google Cloud as a startup-friendly company. They are looking for companies to develop solutions in the areas, such as infrastructure, security, data platform, application development, productivity tools, and industry solutions.

The talk was recorded via Google Meet, which is gaining more than 3 million new users per day.

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“If you look at the capabilities that Google Cloud provides on the compute, storage, and network is probably as innovative and differentiated as possible as it is marketplace today.” Amit Zavery


The Fabric Spotlight is a series of talks with builders and thinkers in the cloud /infrastructure space. You can find all the episodes at and watch them at The Fabric YouTube channel, the Spotlight Episodes playlist.