The Fabric Spotlight with Bask Iyer, CIO & CDTO at VMware [VIDEO]

In this episode of The Fabric Spotlight, a series of talks on everything cloud/IoT infrastructure, Rajan Raghavan, CEO at The Fabric and Bask Iyer, Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer at VMware discuss:

  • VMware’s cloud adoption
  • IoT and security challenges
  • VMware on VMware – dogfooding
  • Approach to edge cloud/5G
  • Digital transformation

Watch the talk

“If this crisis has taught us something, you should not put everything on one cloud.” Bask Iyer


The Fabric Spotlight is a series of talks with builders and thinkers in the cloud /infrastructure space. You can find all the episodes at and watch them at The Fabric YouTube channel, the Spotlight Episodes playlist.