Top Five Healthcare Security Hygiene Fails in 2019

Healthcare will continue to be one of the top verticals at risk due to the value of sensitive data. Security hygiene is like your immune system: bad habits can lead to the breakdown of your immune system and greater susceptibility to viruses. Likewise, in cybersecurity, bad practices can lead to the breakdown of your security hygiene and greater susceptibility to data breaches.

Healthcare has become a highly targeted field because of the high value of protected health information (PHI). The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates data privacy for health information and mandates specific processes to best protect health data. Because of this, proper healthcare security hygiene practices are central – failure to implement them can lead to massive fines, loss of reputation and trust, and lawsuits from clients or patients.

Based on recent data breaches and levied fines, below are some of the most important healthcare security hygiene fails of 2019.

  1. System Misconfigurations and Vulnerabilities
  2. Failing to Encrypt Devices and Drives
  3. Unauthorized Users
  4. Compromised or Blank Passwords
  5. Storing Protected Data in Public Servers

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