Welcome to Peter Jensen, Spanugo’s new CEO

I am excited to welcome Peter Jensen, newly appointed CEO of The Fabric co-created company Spanugo, an automated security assurance platform.

For over 20 years, Peter has been instrumental in the growth and acquisition of several startups: Thinstall (acq by VMware), Stopthehacker (acq by Cloudfare), Pancetera (acq by Quantum), and ParStream (acq by Cisco). With his strong background in Security, SaaS, GTM execution, fundraising, and developing exit strategies, Peter will be responsible for accelerating Spanugo’s market traction and product lead.

Spanugo offers solutions that provide visibility and help improve the overall security posture of your IT infrastructure, whether on the cloud or in your own data center.

As Spanugo moves onward and upward, we look forward to seeing Peter’s integration and drive toward growth and success.

Welcome, Peter!