As a co-creator of brand new start-up companies, we at The Fabric interact with many different categories of people. We work with enterprise CXOs, executives from large infrastructure companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. Each group plays an essential role in our co-creation business model building companies in the cloud infrastructure in collaboration with entrepreneurs:

With serial entrepreneurs, we co-create companies, from concept to execution. Executives from large infrastructure companies help us validate our ideas in the early stage. Enterprise CXOs help entrepreneurs understand the enterprise’s pains, and investors from the cloud space are interested in opportunities to invest in our co-created companies. Together, they comprise an entrepreneurial community.

Being surrounded by thinkers and builders in the cloud/infrastructure/enterprise, we decided to start The Fabric Spotlight, a 20 min talk on everything cloud to share their insights with that entrepreneurial community.

Rajan and Prabakar, co-founders of The Fabric, host the talks and dive into current infrastructure topics such as cloud security, edge computing, Kubernetes, and 5G, etc.

At the end of the discussion, we ask our guests to advise entrepreneurs on how entrepreneurs can work with them, what they are looking for in entrepreneurs, and avoid pitfalls.

We’ll be posting four blogs, one for each respective group. And, we will be updating all posts every so often, since the talks are ongoing. In the next part of the series, you’ll get Enterprise CXOs’ views on entrepreneurship.

You can watch all the episodes and get insights on the cloud, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship at or The Fabric YouTube playlist – Spotlight Episodes.