In this discussion for The Fabric Spotlight, Prabakar Sundarrajan, Chief Strategist at The Fabric talked with B.V. Jagadeesh.

Jagadeesh is Managing Partner of KAAJ Ventures and is known by sharing his time between social impact projects, investing, and working with entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and India. Jagadeesh gave his perspective on enterprise cloud adoption, blockchain technology, cloud security, and infrastructure. As a serial entrepreneur, his advice to entrepreneurs is to make progress every day and get prepared for at least a 5-year journey. As a social entrepreneur, his passion is helping underprivileged people and NGOs through various organizations and initiatives.

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“You, as an entrepreneur, you can’t give up. Mentally one has to be prepared for a 4-6 year journey. Don’t try to do everything by yourself, surround yourself with good mentors willing to give their time and offer their help. Take advantage of that. Things that are under your control execute properly.” B.V. Jagadeesh


The Fabric Spotlight is a series of talks with builders and thinkers in the cloud /infrastructure space. You can find all the episodes at and watch them at The Fabric YouTube channel, the Spotlight Episodes playlist.