Application Agility Begets Infrastructure Agility

Application agility is driving huge changes across data center infrastructure. And seeking agility in operations as well as cost savings, data center owners have adopted virtualization. First it was compute virtualization and then came storage. Until recently, the underlying network has been largely physical. SDN and NFV are paving the way for virtualization of networks and for the first time the entire infrastructure can become agile in order to respond to demands of the application owners.

While this is good for agility in operation, there is still a bottleneck in the rapid adoption of virtualized infrastructure technologies. Designing, testing and deploying virtual networks is relatively manual and archaic. It is tedious work and typically takes months and even years.

The Fabric, with an entrepreneurial team, co-founded Pensa Networks to address this gap. The result is Pensa Maestro Studio, industry’ first integrated lifecycle orchestration suite that combines an Infrastructure DevOps Platform, a Virtual Lab, and a Validated Blueprint Repository delivered as a turn-key SaaS offering. Read the co-founder & CEO, Ujwal Setlur’s blog post about interesting insights and the “aha moment” that led to its creation.

Now Enterprises and Service Providers can rapidly move their customers’ applications to virtualized infrastructure. Agility wins!