Perspica Networks Announces $4M in Series A Funding to Develop IT Operations Analytics Software to Provide Instant Diagnostics for Virtualized Data Centers

Commences trials of Perspica Incidents Navigator™ with Data center Operators

Santa Clara, California – June 16, 2015: Perspica Networks, an IT Operations Analytics company, announced today that it has secured $4 million in Series A funding from March Capital Partners, a venture capital firm; The Fabric, an infrastructure co-creation company; and The Hive a big data co-creation studio; to build software that enables IT operations teams to instantly diagnose problem in virtualized data centers. Perspica Incidents Navigator reduces mean time to problem resolution and assures service availability and performance for mission critical applications running in today’s virtualized data centers. Gartner describes this market as IT Operations Analytics (ITOA).

“By making analyzed data more readily available, it will allow faster identification of problem root causes and, hence, diminish the mean time to repair (MTTR). The predictive potential of patterns discovered via the machine-learning technology should anticipate at least some business-process-impacting incidents — and, therefore, should lead to their avoidance.”
Gartner, Two Distinct ITOA Submarkets Provide Different Benefits to Enterprises, Will Cappelli, October 20, 2014.

“With dynamic workloads and virtualization, operating data centers with traditional static rules-based tools is a thing of the past, and a new approach is needed,” said JF Huard, CTO and co-founder of Perspica Networks. “We started Perspica Networks believing that data center operations must be automated and needed analytics software to provide instant diagnostics.”

“The market is indicating that new systems and technologies are needed to help assure service levels for the next generation of dynamic cloud services accessible at Equinix,” said Jim Poole, vice president, service providers at Equinix, the leading global interconnection and data center company. “A data-driven, adaptive approach can provide a high-degree of visibility and quickly mitigate issues that arise in such complex installations with constantly changing traffic scenarios.”

Perspica Networks’ solution to an enterprise problem
Just as big data and machine learning has been used in the consumer and social media applications, Perspica uniquely combines deep data datacenter domain knowledge with scalable big data technologies and innovative machine learning to provide instant diagnostics and deliver actionable recommendations. As a result, Perspica reduces mean time to problem resolution by delivering lightning-fast troubleshooting, improved service levels and efficiency of the data center infrastructure.

“Enterprise IT teams are under pressure to deliver new business critical applications rapidly. To make critical decisions, IT operational teams need to reach information that is buried in several silos and it is hard to pinpoint the root cause,” said Prabakar Sundarrajan, chief strategy office at The Fabric. “It’s time for a new way – a better, smarter, faster way to transform IT data into relevant and actionable information.”

“Next generation networks are core to the evolution of cloud adoption. Perspica’s data driven approach subsumes complexity and brings in speed in operations,” said Sumant Mandal, managing director at March Capital. “We are thrilled to have partnered with the Perspica team to help build a company unlocking the power of next generation data centers.”

About Perspica
Perspica Networks ( is a Silicon Valley based startup, developing products for modern data center operations. Perspica has a unique team with expertise in analytics, data-center operations, virtualization and networking. The company has offices in Silicon Valley and Noida, India.

About the Investors
March Capital ( has a global outlook on innovation and the trends that are changing the way we live and work.

The Fabric, ( an infrastructure company co-creator, takes a unique approach to inspiring, incubating and investing in the next generation of innovative technology companies engaged in creating new flexible and efficient network architecture.

The Hive ( is a co-creation studio that creates and launches startups that drive innovations in data technologies to create a new generation of applications that will create new disruptive business opportunities.

Press Contact:
Prem Talreja, Head of Marketing
Perspica Networks, Inc.