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Is your Industrial Network Process Aware?

Today’s networks work harder than ever. Our reliance on apps and cloud services means that nearly everything we do — even writing this blog — requires constant network chatter. However, not all networks are the same, nor are all types of network traffic. For example, if our Facebook updates or even our Hangout video occasionally lag, we’re unlikely to notice or be too concerned.

The Fabric CloudBlazers Forum Recap – Will Security Concerns Upend the IoT revolution?

The Fabric CloudBlazers Forum is the community of cloud and infrastructure experts. It brings together a group of thought leaders in the networking industry. This time, we met to discuss the security problems facing the IoT revolution. A clear consensus emerged early – IoT and industrial networks in general are plagued with challenges.

IT to the Rescue

Faced with the exact types of challenges now facing the industrial internet, the traditional internet quickly adopted several key security technologies – endpoint security, generically labeled “antivirus”, internet firewalls with network address translation (pioneered by members of our founding team), and intrusion detection technologies.