In The Fabric Spotlight episodes, Rajan and Prabakar discuss trends in cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud security, 5G, edge computing, and beyond with their guests.

Read what advice enterprise CXOs, cloud infrastructure investors, executives from the large infrastructure companies give to entrepreneurs and how to work with their teams.

We also talk with entrepreneurs who build infrastructure companies. They share what to focus on in the early stage, the importance of the culture, and a network of advisors and investors.

Ashu Agarwal:
“The most important ingredient is a solid founding team. Don’t drink your cool-aid; talk to your users and customers. Get to know and empower your team. Watch your books, watch your money. The budget is always tight. Entrepreneurship is hard.”

B.V. Jagadeesh:
“You, as an entrepreneur, you can’t give up. Mentally one has to be prepared for a 4-6 year journey. Don’t try to do everything by yourself, surround yourself with good mentors willing to give their time and offer their help. Take advantage of that. Things that are under your control execute properly.”

M.R. Rangaswami:
“I look for chemistry with a founder, someone who listens and also takes action. I also like people who are committed rather than involved.”

Sanjay Uppal, VeloCloud:
“When you get a team onboard, you have to infuse a sense of passion that you are going to make a change in this part of the world. We bring to the table a sense of irreverence; everyone is pretty much at the level playing field. We don’t have much respect for authority.”

Dan Maloney, Perspica:
“Bringing in key experts and contractors, helping us early on was key from the go-to-market side. As the CEO, you may play different roles, such as a head of sales, head of marketing, etc.”

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