Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide for Entrepreneurs

In Silicon Valley, where clever ideas can seem like a dime a dozen it takes a true entrepreneurs committed willingness to turn an an illusionary idea to something concrete and valuable.


Last week, The Fabric hosted a meetup at their Mountain View office where two experts from the SiliconPicture1 Valley, Jonathan Baer and Michelle Messina who have written a book to help entrepreneurs be more successful in starting and growing companies shared their valuable inputs to an inquisitive audience of 80 zealous entrepreneurs.


The event started with a fun meet and greet session where attendees mingled and networked amongst Picture2themselves over appetizers and drinks. The meetup was then commenced by Prem Talreja, Venture Capitalist and SVP – Marketing and Business Development at The Fabric who described The Fabric’s model for co-creating startups in the next generation cloud infrastructure. He instantly connected and created a rapport with the audience while explaining why Silicon Valley is a hothouse for innovative new businesses and shared his views on new ventures strategies.


Our impressive speakers then encapsulated their research and presented their insights on “Decoding Picture3Silicon Valley”. They delighted the audience by sharing their insights into Silicon Valley’s unique approach to creating, growing and scaling companies, and shared the best practices, highlighted the common misconceptions. They spoke about mistakes to avoid on the road as an entrepreneur and unwrapped the unseen SV that an entrepreneur must experience. They concluded their presentation by sharing real life industry examples of companies like Evernote, 500, HWVP (Hummer Winblad Venture Partners) and Net Eye.

The meetup was concluded by a lively Q&A session where interesting questions were asked by the stimulated audience. The Fabric had organized a surprise lucky dip for the audience where the lucky winners took home a copy of the book – Decoding Silicon Valley, laptop bags and lunch bags.

Some attendees stayed well back post the meetup concluded and got into an engaging discussion with Prem Talreja on strategies a new venture should adopt to find a path of success. Who knows when this discussion would inspire some of the attendees to shape a new company? But this is Silicon Valley and anything is possible. I for one enjoyed and learned a lot.

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