The Fabric CloudBlazers discuss Migrating Core-applications to the Cloud

The Fabric CloudBlazers Forum organized a Meetup inviting audience from the IT industry to learn and share about Cloud Adoption for core workloads of the enterprises. “We all know that many new apps are already running on cloud, but migrating core apps to the cloud is different game. Many enterprises would like to leverage the cloud for core apps but fear the risk and the resources required to make the migration. This is a huge untapped market. We invited CloudVelox, an emerging provider of tools to ease the process, and executives from Exar and Beyondsoft as users of the cloud migration product to share insights with our guest”, Prem Talreja, VP of Marketing at The Fabric.

The event started with audience networking amongst themselves over hors d’oeuvre and drinks getting to know the speakers and the organizers (we always get props for our hors d’oeuvres).

Picture4Raj Dhingra, CEO of CloudVelox, explained to the audience how cost savings, modernization and scale are the key themes for enterprises migrating their existing workloads from their data centers to the cloud. He also spoke about CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud (OHC) software, explaining how the new capabilities enhance OHC’s cloud automation and orchestration to meet the demands of the largest, most complex data-center workloads. See The Fabric – CloudVelox video.

Renato Siljeg, Head of IT at Exar Corporation, spoke about the challenges they faced as an IT team when they had to upgrade business critical Oracle Stack. During a time of cost reduction and transition they were faced with financial and cost hurdles. Moving to cloud was an option but the fear of unknowns creating an internal barrier within the company. Fortunately, they found CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud software to help them move to Oracle Stack to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The project that would have taken 8 weeks and many IT resources was accomplished in 2 weeks and at fraction of the cost. And there was dramatic improvement of its Oracle stack disaster recovery (DR) service-level agreements (SLA) while reducing risks and costs. See The Fabric –Exar Video.

Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan from Beyondsoft shared how customers are challenged with data management in the cloud. He spoke about transitioning from traditional data management structures to Cloud scale data structures like NoSQL and Big Data. He shared his views about how Triaxil’s frameworks aids the data transformation needs of the customer.

Prem Talreja from The Fabric engaged audience into Q&A to open the topic. We learned that moving core workloads to cloud is on the IT agenda but it is not worry-free. And companies like CloudVelox have certainly hit the nerve and solved the problem. And going to AWS is just the first step but IT wants to also go to Azure and other cloud providers. An interesting discovery, in the Q&A, was that often migrating to cloud improves the performance of the applications across disperse geographical areas. And finally, ‘cloudification’ can lead to additional benefits when users can leverage new services, that are only available on cloud, to enhance the existing product.

Some of the attendees stayed back after the event was over and got into an engaging discussion with the speakers, hoping they land up being the shining superstars in the app migration project they are involved in. At Fabric we are delighted to keep this discussion going. I really enjoyed organizing this event and am glad that this experience lets me gain abundant knowledge on the current prevailing topics in the industry. The migration to cloud is just beginning and we will certainly bring more events like this in the future.

Go CloudBlazers!