IIOT Commercial Deployment Ramping Up

2019 is going to be an explosive year for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) . The time for science projects is over. CXOs in multiple verticals have clear charters to deploy at scale starting 2019. Large OEMs are reorganizing internal resources actively for cloud-focused initiatives. People conducting POCs within multiple verticals have now understood the complexities of commercial scalable deployment and are engaged with active deployments. The mantra now is “give me business insight!”. Business insight is driven by analytics. Most large OEMs have begun to understand that they add value to their customers with data-driven domain insights rather than with mere network connectivity. A converged network infrastructure that converges SDWAN with edge compute and security is a must but still not the end goal. The ultimate value is business insight driven by domain specific analytics.

Over the past year, ioTium has been actively involved with its customers preparing them for commercial deployment at scale. By providing its converged infrastructure, ioTium is rapidly enabling  desired business insight for its customers that have domain-specific analytics application ready. There is no reason to wait – the mandate is straight from the enterprise CXO’s.

A global IIOT expansion is also on the forefront.  Enterprises worldwide are deploying IIOT at scale. In addition, they have understood the value of cloud-enabling legacy on-premise OT systems from monitoring and surveillance, to access control and optimization.

Such enterprises are leveraging ioTium’s globally available IIoT cloud infrastructure to achieve their objectives.

ioTium has offices now in Chicago, Houston, Austin, and Japan, and is launching later this month in Australia.

It is necessary to meet the demand facing ioTium from its customers globally.

Thus, all in all – IIoT is dramatically ramping up, and ioTium is right in the thick of it.