Less Finger Pointing, More Pinpointing Leads To Faster MTTR

Enterprise Business Unit Heads worry about their app performance rather than the infrastructure, private or public, used to deliver them. When app performance goes down, even for split second, infrastructure admins are blamed for the poor performance as that is where the rubber meets the road. As hundreds off alarms go off from every object that is monitored, and with flood of metrics, logs, and events, it is humanly impossible to tell where to look or quickly isolate the cause. Correlating massive amounts of data is hard, tedious, and time-consuming for experts. This leads to slow MTTR and growing frustration in the industry.

Now, Perspica Networks has changed all of that by giving you the power to pinpoint the root cause in real time. Perspica Insights Navigator can dramatically speed MTTR and has the ability to instantly correlate metrics across silos of data and to pinpoint the relevant metrics that relate to the incident. The automated algorithms are able to consolidate various alarms to an incident and provide instant diagnostics and recommendations.

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