The Fabric Innovation Lab: A Creative Studio for Engineers

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As we mentioned in the previous blog about The Fabric Innovation Lab, the lab was established right at the inception of The Fabric to accelerate the technology development of each of the co-created companies, right from the get-go. In this note, I would like to elaborate upon why every engineer interested in working on Cloud/IoT infrastructure should consider The Fabric Innovation Lab as their first choice.

Engineers today have many options to work. After deciding to take the start-up plunge, they have to deal with a lot of factors – ranging from what will I learn by working in this startup, will I get the right exposure, is it in right space, will I work with seasoned entrepreneurs, will this fit into my long-term goals. With the recent explosion of startups in India, an engineer may be justified in thinking that joining one has become an even more complex decision.  However, for reasons described below, we at The Fabric feel it is simple – come join our Innovation Lab!

What’s special about working at The Fabric Innovation Lab?

The Fabric team has had deep experience in developing disruptive as well as evolutionary innovative technologies with over 10 startups.  We understand what it takes to do a product ground up! By joining our Innovation Lab, you will immediately be at the cutting edge of technology development!
At the Innovation Lab, you will not only be developing or testing with agile dev-ops oriented methods such as continuous integration and deployment (CICD), but you will be in an environment of top-notch innovation and engineering excellence. You will analyze and synthesize the various ways products will be used and designed to be resilient without impacting the timelines. You will propose great new features that will delight the customers.

It’s all about the team you work with, the technology you work on and the product that is in the works! As an innovative, high-energy engineer, you can lay your hands on multiple areas in the product. You also play a BIG role in defining what the product should be! You work with entrepreneur CXO’s and learn something every day. If you are already a startup savvy engineer, you will love the way our portfolios are set up & run. You will be challenged in more ways than ONE and will develop into one of the very best breeds of engineers.

How does this work?

The Fabric Innovation Lab works closely with the founding teams of each co-created company from the early market research phase to make sure that the technical problem to be solved is clearly understood before we launch into the experimental exploration and rapid prototyping phase, and later full-blown development.

As the engineering team develops features, feedback from the field is received. You will understand the rationale for prioritization of the features and adjust to market feedback quickly in an agile manner. Real-time feedback on what customers want or not drives the product with a strong probability of success.

The Fabric Innovation Lab offers opportunities in all leading-edge technologies – Core Networking, Software Defined Networking, Application Engineering, Data Center design, Operational Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, IOT, Big Data Performance, Network Stacks, Storage Design, UX/UI, Cloud Compliance. We have much more areas of technology in the pipeline – Containers, Block Chain, IOT Security….We are confident you will not see a richer opportunity field anywhere than you will at The Fabric Innovation Lab.

The Fabric Innovation Lab not only develops Cloud/IoT infrastructure products, but we have also embraced the Cloud as the Infrastructure for the Lab. That does not mean you will forego working on cutting-edge hardware.  We also have a core lab to work with physical devices.

If you are an engineer with high energy

If you would like to join the Fabric’s hard-core engineering Commando teams, please write to

About The Fabric Innovation Lab:

Since the inception, The Fabric, a startup foundry which deeply collaborated with entrepreneurs to co-create cloud/IoT infrastructure startups, established an Innovation Lab to turbocharge the technology development effort of its co-created companies. The Fabric Innovation Lab, which knows the disruptive and evolutionary nature of products created by leading-edge start-ups, has deep experience in developing technologies with over 10 start-ups. The Innovation Lab, based out of Chennai, India has worked with all The Fabric portfolio companies from their inception.