Yes, the Future is Bright and We’re Happy to Wear Shades

In a year-end post by our fearless leader and my fellow co-founder, Sanjay Uppal, our company motto was affirmed “Learn fast.” I have thought a lot about this motto and I must agree, as one of VeloCloud’s co-founders, that we certainly did and do “learn fast.” Better yet, I know the tireless and bright (pun intended) engineers here have learned fast and that has everything to do with their success.

l-191949What’s the famous saying, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” – Mohammed Ali.  Here’s the back up (the truth of how we do what we do):

Firstly, engineering from California to India live and breathe agility. In fact, we have taken the principles of the SaaS model and applied them to developing and upgrading both our hardware and software. Because we have a SaaS-like model we treat development and support with the same importance, and also in tandem.

This approach lets us walk our talk that we “learn fast”, but also brake fast. In other words, if we must stop we can do so, then just as quickly, start again.  And with engineering offices in Mountain View, California and Chennai, India, we are able to maintain and support operations, 24X7.  This is critical for our customers and our Support Team consistently gets extraordinarily high marks from our customers. Here’s an actual recent quote from a customer in Germany who operates one of the largest transportation and logistics networks:

 “One more of those legendary VeloCloud Support answers that don’t leave any open questions. You may close the ticket and ask your boss for more money.”

What all this added up to in 2015 was a release about every six weeks; that’s eight total releases in just a year. When you realize these releases are enterprise and service provider quality, it is a significant engineering accomplishment by any standard.

However, the release cadence we now take for granted was not always in place. How did we get there? The engineering team iterated until it could maintain this cadence. It was no small feat, but the team plowed ahead and emerged victorious and wiser. In other words, we “learn fast” about the challenges our customers face and know we can meet those challenges before they become problems. We are one step ahead. They appreciate this because they tell us all the time.

But the best part of our engineering approach is that it is carrying us into the bright future. That way we can always say, the future is bright and we’re happy to wear shades.

Courtesy of VeloCloud